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Rhyming Slang

Rhyming slang is a creative way to play with language. It’s basically two or more words, the last of which rhymes with the word it’s replacing. For example, mud pies = eyes.

The origins of Australian rhyming slang is unclear. While some believe it came over with the original convicts from England, others point to its appearance at the turn of the century.

Either way, it was almost always used by men because the slang would have been considered very vulgar. Because this is a family-friendly site visited by children from all over the world, we’ve decided only to include words we believe are appropriate.

The following are examples of Aussie rhyming slang. Rhyming slang is always changing because it’s so easy to add new rhymes especially within a close group of people. So don’t expect your average Aussie to know all of these. We certainly didn’t. Take our Australian Rhyming Slang Quiz and see how you do.


Nail and Screws news
Forgive and Forget cigarette
Froth and Bubble trouble
Rock and Lurch church
Steak and Kidney Sydney
Dodge and Shirk work
Curry and Rice price
Dog and Bone phone
Ducks ‘n Geese police
Young and Old cold
Oxford Scholar dollar
Saint Louis Blues shoes


Babbling Brook cook
Angora Goat throat
Almond Rocks socks
German Band hand
Bag of Fruit suit
Bread and Jam tram
Grim and Gory story
Apples and Pears stairs
Smash and Grab cab
After Darks sharks
Noah’s Ark shark
Ham and Eggs legs


Plates of Meat feet
Jam Tart heart
Mud Pies eyes
Gin Sling ring
Ginger Beer ear
Dog’s Eye meat pie
Sky Rocket hip pocket
Kitchen Sink drink
Mystery Bags snags, sausages
Frog and Toad road
Near and Far bar
Young & Frisky whisky
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