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Aussies have a great sense of humour. When our American friend Sara came to visit us the first time, she asked where the bathroom was, being in need of the services there. David, our resident larrikin, replied, “down the hall and the first door on the left.” She returned and again asked for the bathroom. He gave her the same directions. So she looked again.

Now desperate, Sara returned saying she couldn’t find it. “Ah,” David said with a grin on his face, “Do you want to wash your


The Lucky Country Australia (of course)
The Alice Alice Springs, Northern Territory
The Gong Wollongong, New South Wales
The Rock Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock), Northern Territory
Top End northern end of the Northern Territory
The ‘G short for the MCG, the Melbourne Cricket Ground
The ‘Gabba Woolongabba Cricket Ground
Coat Hanger Sydney Harbour Bridge
Gold Coast popular tourist area on the Queensland coast from Southport to Coolangatta
North Island what Tasmanians call mainland Australia
Tassie Tasmania
Sunshine State Queensland (slogan “Beautiful one day, perfect the next”)
Brizzie Brisbane, capital of Queensland
Bris Vegas Brisbane, capital of Queensland
Brisneyland Brisbane, capital of Queensland
Ekka annual Brisbane Exhibition show
(state fair in USA)
City of Churches Adelaide
City of Lights Perth
Garden State Victoria
Westralia Western Australia
RSL Returned & Services League. Social clubs for returned service personnel. People mistakenly refer to all Service Clubs and Memorial Clubs as RSL Clubs. Only clubs associated with the RSL should be called RSL Clubs.
Woolies Woolworths Supermarket, also knitted woollen clothing
Chemist drug store, pharmacy. Also person filling prescriptions. In the USA the place is called a pharmacy, while the person is called a pharmacist.
Doctor’s Surgery doctor’s office

hands or use the toilet?” Blushing Sara said, “the toilet”, and he gave her directions to it.

Yes, in Australia, the toilet and the bathroom are often in different places. And yes, he knew exactly what she wanted the first time she asked. As we said, Aussies have a great sense of humour . . . especially at the expense of our American friends.

Aussie town called Burpengary
Talking about names, care to guess how that town got its name? Makes you wonder if a bloke named Gary who burped a lot lived there.

The truth is that the name comes from Burpen-gar which means “the place of the green wattle tree.”

Then there are these interesting names . . .

Banana Queensland is known for it’s beef cattle but not bananas.

Orange New South Wales is a place where they grow lots of apples.

Eggs and Bacon Bay Tasmania, however, probably does serve a great brekky at the local cafes.

An then there’s Boing Boing in the Northern Territory. The Aboriginal name means “mosquitoes buzzing”. We’ll take their word for it that they have lots of mozzies.

And if you’re ever near Pyramid, Queensland (sorry, no pyramids), you might want to take a short trip to Mount Puffandwheeze just to say you’ve been there.

Fair dinkum mate. We don’t make these things up.

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