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Many English speaking people visiting our country for the first time often find Australian English surprisingly different. For example Aussies tend to shorten words in ways that leave visitors lost: a politician is a polly, university is uni and Christmas is Chrissie.

So if you’re visiting our country, keep this in mind and you’ll be able to guess what we’re saying.

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Nick off

Meaning: go now, get lost.
Example: Nick off you’re bothering me.

No dramas!

Meaning: don’t worry about it, everything is fine (same as “no worries”)
Example: No dramas mate. It will work out fine.

No worries!

Meaning: don’t worry about it, everything is fine (Australian Attitude)
Example: No worries mate. It will work out fine.


Meaning: how are you?
Example: Ow-yar-goin mate?

Pat malone

Meaning: you are on your own, alone.
Example: If you do that you are on pat malone.

Pigs bum

Meaning: that’s wrong, or incorrect.
Example: Pigs bum, you’re not smarter than me.

Play sillybuggers

Meaning: messing around, wasting time.
Example: Stop playing sillybuggers and finish your homework.

Pull ya head in

Meaning: I don’t want to listen to you so shut up.
Example: Pull ya head in, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Put a snag on the barbie

Meaning: a sausage cooked on a barbeque. That’s what real Aussies cook.
Example: Come on over and we’ll put a few snags on the barbie.

Rack off

Meaning: leave, you’re not wanted here.
Example: Rack off, you idiot.

Rat bag

Meaning: mild insult calling someone a rascal
Example: Where you been you old ratbag!

Ridgie didge

Meaning: true or genuine article
Example: Ridgie didge! It’s true, it really is gold.

She’ll be apples!

Meaning: everything will be all right; giving someone assurance
Example: No worries mate. She’ll be apples!

Shut ya gob

Meaning: be quiet.
Example: Aw shut ya gob or I’ll hit you.

Stunned mullet

Meaning: surprised, bewildered, uncomprehending. You’re said to look like a stunned mullet
when you have no idea what’s going on or what they’re talking about.
Example: When she said no, he looked like a stunned mullet.

Take an early mark

Meaning: leave early from whatever you’re doing
Example: they took an early mark from work and are headed to the pub

Taking a sickie

Meaning: taking time off work when not really sick
Example: I am taking a sickie and going fishing.

This arvo

Meaning: this afternoon.
Example: I’m going to sleep now and this arvo we’ll go to the club.

Turn it up

Meaning: stop what your saying or doing as its not right
Example: Turn it up, you’re making it worse.

You are a galah

Meaning: loud, rudely behaved person.
Example: Keep quiet you big galah.

You dirty grub

Meaning: dirty eater or dirty child.
Example: You dirty grub. Go change your clothes.

You little beauty, that’s beaut, you bewdy

Meaning: excited approval, something has gone really well.
Example: You little beauty. I won the lottery. Reply – That’s beaut mate.

Your shout

Meaning: your turn to buy the drinks
Example: Bill, it’s your shout.

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