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Many English speaking people visiting our country for the first time often find Australian English surprisingly different. For example Aussies tend to shorten words in ways that leave visitors lost: a politician is a polly, university is uni and Christmas is Chrissie. In addition to using the “ee” sound at the end, we also use “o” endings when we shorten words such as rego for car registration.

So if you’re visiting our country, keep this in mind and you’ll be able to guess some of what we’re saying.

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Meaning: someone is not trying hard enough and you want them to.
Example: Av-a-go-yer-mug. It really easy to do.

Away with the pixies

Meaning: dreaming.
Example: She is not listening. She is in love and away with the pixies.

Bag of fruit

Meaning: man’s suit. It’s an example of Aussie rhyming slang.
Example: He went to the meeting in his new bag of fruit.

Belt up!

Meaning:  in an angry tone of voice, you are asked to stop talking, be quiet,.
Example: Oh! Belt up. You’re getting me mad.

Bloody oath

Meaning: that’s the truth
Example: Bloody oath it is.

Bob’s yer uncle

Meaning: if you do this (whatever is said first) it will work or be all right.
Example: Just add some extra water and Bob’s yer uncle.

Bonzer mate!

Meaning: that’s great friend.
Example: That’s bonzer mate. I’m happy for you.

Chuck a U-e

Meaning: make a U-turn.
Example: Chuck a U-e mate, the pub is the other way.

Crack a tinnie

Meaning: open a can of cold beer
Example: Come over to my place and we’ll crack a tinnie.


Meaning: true, genuine.
Example: Jack is a dinky-di Aussie all right..

Doing your block

Meaning: you are getting very angry, losing your head.
Example: Peter is out doing his block ’cause his wife pranged the car.

Don’t get your knickers in a knot

Meaning: Don’t get so upset.
Example: Don’t get your knickers in a knot. She’ll be right, mate.

Fair crack of the whip!

Meaning: give me a fair go.
Example: Fair crack of the whip! I only just started.

Fair dinkum

Meaning: someone really genuine.
Example: Peter is fair dinkum. You can trust him.

Fair-go mate!

Meaning: what you say when someone is not letting you do or say something.
Example: Fair go mate. I know I can do it.

Fair suck of the sav

Meaning: statement you make when someone is not letting you do or say something.
Example: Fair suck of the sav, mate. How about shutting up and listening.

Fifty k’s south of Woop Woop

Meaning: in the middle of nowhere
Example: He wants to go camping 50 k’s south of Woop Woop.
(You can use any number for the distance.)

Flat chat or flat out

Meaning: going very fast what ever they’re doing.
Example: He is going flat chat and he’ll be finished in half the time.

Full as a goog

Meaning: drunk or eaten to the excess.
Example: That was a great meal. I am full as a goog.

Ga day Cobber

Meaning: welcome close friend.
Example: Ga day cobber. What have you been up to?

Go and have a cuppa

Meaning: have cup of tea or coffee.
Example: Go and have a cuppa and I will be there soon.

Go and tart yourself up

Meaning: Please dress in your best clothes
Example: Go and tart yourself up we’re going out to dinner.

Going to the dunny

Meaning: off to the toilet.
Example: Mate you have to wait. I got to go to the dunny.

Having a blue

Meaning: having a fight or argument.
Example: Listen! Can you hear next door having a blue with her old man.

Have a naughty

Meaning: sexual intercourse.
Example: Sorry I’m late. I had a quick naughty with the misses.

He’s got a goog

Meaning: he’s got a bump as big as an egg.
Example: He was in a fight and he got a goog on his head.

He’s got tickets on himself

Meaning: highly self opinionated, thinks they are just great
Example: Don’t take any notice of him. He’s got tickets on himself.


Meaning: an expression of surprise.
Example: Holy-dooly! That was hot.

I got the wog

Meaning: a cold, flu or virus
Example: I can’t go to school because I got the wog.

I will job you!

Meaning: I will hit you or punch you.
Example: If you don’t leave me alone I’ll job you.

I’m knackered

Meaning: absolutely exhausted or very tired.
Example: It was a tough day at work. I’m knackered.

It’s a goer

Meaning: something that will definitely occur.
Example: no matter if it rains or not it’s a goer tomorrow.

Mucking around

Meaning: acting in a way that others generally don’t like.
Example: She got very mad at the way he was mucking around.

Nick off

Meaning: go now, get lost.
Example: Nick off you’re bothering me.

No dramas!

Meaning: don’t worry about it, everything is fine (same as “no worries”)
Example: No dramas mate. It will work out fine.

No worries!

Meaning: don’t worry about it, everything is fine (Australian Attitude)
Example: No worries mate. It will work out fine.


Meaning: how are you?
Example: Ow-yar-goin mate?

Pat malone

Meaning: you are on your own, alone.
Example: If you do that you are on pat malone.

Pigs bum

Meaning: that’s wrong, or incorrect.
Example: Pigs bum, you’re not smarter than me.

Play sillybuggers

Meaning: messing around, wasting time.
Example: Stop playing sillybuggers and finish your homework.

Pull ya head in

Meaning: I don’t want to listen to you so shut up.
Example: Pull ya head in, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Put a snag on the barbie

Meaning: a sausage cooked on a barbeque. That’s what real Aussies cook.
Example: Come on over and we’ll put a few snags on the barbie.

Rack off

Meaning: leave, you’re not wanted here.
Example: Rack off, you idiot.

Rat bag

Meaning: mild insult calling someone a rascal
Example: Where you been you old ratbag!

Ridgie didge

Meaning: true or genuine article
Example: Ridgie didge! It’s true, it really is gold.

She’ll be apples!

Meaning: everything will be all right; giving someone assurance
Example: No worries mate. She’ll be apples!

Shut ya gob

Meaning: be quiet.
Example: Aw shut ya gob or I’ll hit you.

Stunned mullet

Meaning: surprised, bewildered, uncomprehending. You’re said to look like a stunned mullet
when you have no idea what’s going on or what they’re talking about.
Example: When she said no, he looked like a stunned mullet.

Take an early mark

Meaning: leave early from whatever you’re doing
Example: they took an early mark from work and are headed to the pub

Taking a sickie

Meaning: taking time off work when not really sick
Example: I am taking a sickie and going fishing.

This arvo

Meaning: this afternoon.
Example: I’m going to sleep now and this arvo we’ll go to the club.

Turn it up

Meaning: stop what your saying or doing as its not right
Example: Turn it up, you’re making it worse.

You are a galah

Meaning: loud, rudely behaved person.
Example: Keep quiet you big galah.

You dirty grub

Meaning: dirty eater or dirty child.
Example: You dirty grub. Go change your clothes.

You little beauty, that’s beaut, you bewdy

Meaning: excited approval, something has gone really well.
Example: You little beauty. I won the lottery. Reply – That’s beaut mate.

Your shout

Meaning: your turn to buy the drinks
Example: Bill, it’s your shout.

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    You left heaps out like “POETS Day” and “off like a Brides nightie” “I,m not her to f_ck spiders”


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