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Australian National Living Treasure

THE TITLE OF National Living Treasure is given to a person when they accomplish an outstanding achievement, swelling the country’s consciousness with admiration, pride and acknowledgement.

Over the years the list has changed as people pass away and new ones
are added.

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Name A little bit about them . . .
Deceased National Living Treasures (formerly listed)
2000 Betty Archdale Australian cricketer, educator
2015 Faith Bandler Australian academic, activist and advocate for Indigenous Australians and South Sea Islander people
2014 Jack Brabham Australian world champion Formula One driver
2009 Nancy Bird Walton Australian aviator
1999 Arthur Boyd Australian artist
2001 Don Bradman Australian cricketer
2015. Harry Butler Australian naturalist and conservationist
2002 Ruth Cracknell Australian actress
2015 Bart Cummings Australian racehorse trainer
2002 Roden Cutler Australian World War II hero, Governor of New South Wales
1999 Don Dunstan Australian Premier of South Australia, social commentator
2003 Slim Dusty Australian singer, entertainer
2015 Malcolm Fraser Prime Minister of Australia
2013 Hazel Hawke Australian social activist, ex-wife of Bob Hawke, former Prime Minister of Australia
2005 Donald Horne Australian academic, writer, author of The Lucky Country
2012 Robert Hughes Australian art critic, author
2007 Elizabeth Jolley Australian author
2016 Leonie Kramer Australian academic, businesswoman
2012 Jimmy Little Indigenous Australian singer
2015 Colleen McCullough Australian author
1997 Edward (Ted) Matthews Australian World War I soldier and last Gallipoli survivor
2000 Judith Wright McKinney Australian poet
2000 Sir Mark Oliphant Australian physicist, Governor of South Australia
2011 Margaret Olley Australian artist
2000 Charles Perkins Australian Indigenous Australian leader
2014 Peter Sculthorpe Australian musician, composer
1998 Mum (Shirl) Smith Aboriginal Australian activist
2010 Joan Sutherland Australian opera singer
2007 Mavis Taylor Australian humanitarian
2015 Tom Uren Australian former politician
2003 Alan Walker Australian social commentator/activist
1999 Morris West Australian author
2014 Gough Whitlam Prime Minister of Australia
2012 Margaret Whitlam Australian social activist, wife of Gough Whitlam former Prime Minister of Australia
2003 R. M. Williams Australian businessman

Formerly Listed, but now Removed from National Living Treasures
Date Removed
2014 Rolf Harris Australian entertainer
2008 Marcus Einfeld Disgraced former judge

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