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1994 Commonwealth Games

Opening Ceremony ... 18 Aug 1994 Host City ... Victoria, Canada Closing Ceremony ... 28 Aug 1994
Participants ... 2,669 athletes, 63 Commonwealth Nations

Commonwealth Games Silver Medal Winners
52 Australian Silver Medal Winners

Athletics    Cycling    Diving    Gymnastics    Lawn Bowls
Shooting    Swimming    Weightlifting    Wrestling

 Men's Long Jump David Culbert
 Men's 4x100m Relay Paul Henderson, Tim Jackson, Damien Marsh,
Shane Naylor, Kyle Vander-Kuyp
 Men's Marathon Sean Quilty
 Men's Decathlon Peter Winter
 Women's 10km Walk Anne Manning
 Women's 4x100m Relay Cathy Freeman, Melinda Gainsford, Monique Miers, Kathy Sambell
 Women's Heptathlon Jane Flemming
 Men's 40km Points Race Stuart O'Grady
 Men's 1,000m Time Trial Darryn Hill
 Women's Sprint Michelle Ferris
 Men's 1m Springboard Michael Murphy
 Women's 1m Springboard Jodie Rogers
 Men's Artistic Rings Peter Hogan
 Men's Artistic Pommel Horse Nathan Kingston
 Men's Artistic Individual All Around Brennon Dowrick
 Men's Artistic Team All Around Brennon Dowrick, Bret Hudson, Peter Hogan,
Nathan Kingston
 Women's Artistic Individual All Around Rebecca Stoyel
 Women's Rhythmic Team All Around Leigh Marning, Katie Mitchell, Kasumi Takahashi
Lawn bowls
 Men's Fours Stephen Anderson, Robert Ball, Steve Srhoy,
Ian Taylor
 Men's Vision Impaired Singles John Hubbard
 Men's Free Pistol Singles Phillip Adams
 Men's Rapid Fire Pistol Singles Bob Dowling
 Men's Centre Fire Pistol Pairs Phillip Adams, Kel Vickers
 Women's Air Pistol Singles Annette Woodward
 Women's Small Bore Rifle Prone Singles Sylvia Purdie
 Men's 100m Backstroke Steven Dewick
 Men's 200m Butterfly Scott Miller
 Men's 200m Breaststroke Phil Rogers
 Men's 50m Freestyle Darren Lange
 Men's 100m (S9) Freestyle Brendan Burkett
 Men's 100m Freestyle Chris Fydler
 Men's 1,500m Freestyle Daniel Kowalski
 Women's 100m Butterfly Susan O'Neill
 Women's 200m Butterfly Hayley Lewis
 Women's 100m Backstroke Elli Overton
 Women's 100m Breaststroke Rebecca Brown
 Women's 200m Breaststroke Rebecca Brown
 Women's 100m Freestyle Karen van Wirdum
 Women's 200m Freestyle Nicole Stevenson
 Women's 400m Freestyle Stacey Gartrell
 Women's 800m Freestyle Hayley Lewis
 Women's 4x100m Freestyle Relay Susan O'Neill, Elli Overton, Sarah Ryan,
Karen van Wirdum
 Up to 59kg Snatch Sev Marinov
 Up to 59kg Clean & Jerk Sev Marinov
 Up to 76kg Overall Damian Brown
 Up to 99kg Snatch Andrew Saxton
 Up to 99kg Clean & Jerk Andrew Saxton
 Up to 99kg Overall Andrew Saxton
 Over 108kg Snatch Stefan Botev
 Over 108kg Clean & Jerk Steven Kettner
 Over 108kg Overall Steven Kettner
 Welterweight - up to 74kg Reinold Ozoline


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