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Australia at 1972 Munich Summer Olympic Games

Australia sent 168 athletes (139 men and 29 women) to the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics. They competed in 110 events in 20 Olympic sports. Australian athletes have competed in all of the Summer Olympic Games since the games started.

Shane Gould won an impressive 3 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze medal in Women’s Swimming events. Beverley Whitfield won 1 gold and 1 bronze medal in also in Swimming. Raelene Boyle won 2 silver medals all in Athletics.

Host 1st 2nd 3rd Dates
XX 1972   Munich 8 7 2 26 Aug – 11 Sep

The following records are Australians who won gold, silver or bronze medals at the 1972 Olympic Games.

Judith Hudson was the youngest athlete for Australia (14 years 132 days) and Bill Roycroft oldest (57 years 166 days). The Munchen Summer Games had 7,113 participants (6,052 men and 1,060 women) from 121 countries.

1972 Munich West Germany

Sport Event Competitors
1st Sailing Men’s star team competition John Anderson, David Forbes
1st Sailing Men’s dragon team competition Thomas Anderson, John Cuneo, John Shaw
1st Swimming Women’s 200m individual medley Shane Gould
1st Swimming Women’s 200m freestyle Shane Gould
1st Swimming Women’s 200m breaststroke Beverley Whitfield
1st Swimming Women’s 400m freestyle Shane Gould
1st Swimming Women’s 400m individual medley Gail Neall
1st Swimming Men’s 400m freestyle Bradford Cooper
2nd Athletics Women’s 100m Raelene Boyle
2nd Athletics Women’s 200m Raelene Boyle
2nd Cycling Men’s 1,000m sprint (scratch) John Nicholson
2nd Cycling Men’s 1,000m time trial Danny Clark
2nd Cycling Men’s individual road race Clyde Sefton
2nd Swimming Women’s 800m freestyle Shane Gould
2nd Swimming Men’s 1.500m freestyle Graham Windeatt
3rd Swimming Women’s 100m freestyle Shane Gould
3rd Swimming Women’s 100m breaststroke Beverley Whitfield