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Vegemite Quiz

How many will you get right? Come on Mate. Give it a guess before you look.

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1. How many jars are sold every year?
a. About 12 million jars
b. About 22 million jars
c. About 37 million jars
d. About 76 million jars
2. What year did Vegemite first appear on Australian grocery shelves?
a. 1910
b. 1919
c. 1923
d. 1933
3. What is the name of the young chemist who developed Vegemite?
a. Terrance Calmont
b. Dr. Stuart R. Canover
c. Dr. Cyril P. Callister
d. Dr. Wolfred T. Cortingdale
4. When did Australians first hear the famous advertising
song “Happy Little Vegemites”?
a. 1954
b. 1961
c. 1965
d. 1973
5. What are the 2 main colours on the Vegemite jar?
a. yellow and green
b. yellow and red
c. red and white
d. green and white
6. Vegemite was the first product electronically scanned
in an Australian grocery store. When did that happen?
a. October 1979
b. April 1984
c. May 1987
d. January 1990
7. Which store sold the 115g jar (in # 6 above) and what was the price?
a. Bi-Lo for 45 cents
b. IGA for 52 cents
c. Coles for 57 cents
d. Woolworths for 66 cents

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