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Summer Olympics Quiz

How many will you get right? Come on Mate. Give it a guess before you look.

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1. Which Olympics was the first time Australian athletes competed
for the Commonwealth of Australia ?
a. 1896 Athens Summer Olympics
b. 1900 Paris Summer Olympics
c. 1904 St Louis Summer Olympics
d. 1908 London Summer Olympics
2. Only five countries have been represented in every Summer Olympic
Games. What countries are they?
a. Australia, France, Great Britain, Greece, and Switzerland
b. Australia, France, Great Britain, Greece, and USA
c. France, Great Britain, Greece, USA and Germany
d. Australia, Great Britain, Greece, Italy and USA
3. Five Australians won 4 or more gold medals – Dawn Fraser,
Murray Rose, Ian Thorpe, Libby Trickett, and Betty Cuthbert.
Who won the most – 5 gold medals ?
a. Dawn Fraser
b. Murray Rose
c. Ian Thorpe
d. Libby Trickett
e. Betty Cuthbert
4. Who won Australia’s very first Olympic gold medal?
a. John Barnett … 1896 Athens Olympics
b. Stanley Rowley … 1896 Athens Olympics
c. Edwin Flack … 1896 Athens Olympics
5. Who was the first Australian woman to win a gold medal?
a. Fanny Durac
b. Wilhelmina “Mina” Wylie
c. Shirley Strickland
6. Who was the first Aboriginal Australian athlete to win a gold medal ?
a. Rohanee Cox
b. Cathy Freeman
c. Nova Peris
7. Which Olympics did Australia win the most gold medals … 58 ?
a. 2000 Sydney Olympics
b. 2004 Athens Olympics
c. 2008 Beijing Olympics
8. The Sydney 2000 games used three native Australian animals as
mascots: Syd the platypus, Millie the echidna, Olly the kookaburra.
Where did Millie’s name come from?
a. Millicent Parker, an Australian pioneer
b. Milliepillie, an Australian native plant
c. Millennium
9. How many times has the Summer Olympic games been cancelled?
a. Once
b. Twice
c. Three times
d. It was never cancelled
10. The Olympic flame symbolizes purity of the Olympic philosophy –
to work towards the lasting unity of mankind.
What year was the flame added to the Olympics?
a. 1918
b. 1934
c. 1948
d. 1956

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