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What Am I?

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Beware. Some of these are real groaners, but the kids love them. So if you feel like a bit of a challenge and don’t mind a some silly humour sneaking in, keep reading. No one is looking and we’ll never tell.

Who or what am I ?

 1. The more you have of me, the less you see


 2. Say my name and I am gone


 3. I get wetter the more I dry

A Towel

 4. I have many keys, but just one lock
I have a home, but no roof
You can enter, but not go inside

Computer Keyboard

 5. It belongs to me, but my friends use it more than I do

My Name

 6. I start with the letter ‘A’ and end with a ‘T’. You’ll find a million letters in me

Australia Post

 7. I have the Great Sandy Desert, but no sand
I have the Gulf of Carpentaria, but no water
I have the Pinjarrega Nature Reserve, but no trees
I have the Great Dividing Range, but no rocks
I have the Stuart Highway, but no cars

Map of Australia

 8. The more you feed me, the bigger I grow
But give me water and I will quickly die
What am I ?


 9. It comes once in a minute
It comes twice in a moment
But you won’t see it in a thousand years
What am I ?

The Letter M

10. In the English language, my name is spelled with 3 consecutive sets of double letters

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