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What Am I?

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Beware. Some of these are real groaners, but the kids love them. So if you feel like a bit of a challenge and don’t mind a some silly humour sneaking in, keep reading. No one is looking and we’ll never tell.

Who or what am I ?

 1. I start and end with an “e” but I only have one letter


 2. I run but but never walk


 3. My bottom is at the top


 4. I have teeth but I cannot bite

A Comb

 5. It goes up but can never go down

Your Age

 6. The world’s longest word


There is a miles between s and s

 7. I am two letters that are cool


 8. I am one letter that is always wet


 9. I shake when I’m on the bottom of the ocean

A Nervous Wreck

10. I’m black and white and eat like a horse

A Zebra

11. I’m black and white and purple all over

A Zebra that was in a fight

12. I’m green and I sing

Elvis Parsely

13. A cow that eats grass

A lawn moo-er

14. I have four wheels and flies

A garbage truck

Rhyming Answers

15. What do you call a muddy kookaburra?

Dirty Birdy

16. What do you call a banquet given for the footy champion?

Winner Dinner

17. What do you call a goat wearing a clown suit?

Silly Billy