Posted By John

An oxymoron is a word or set of words that combines contradictory terms. I’ve put together a list of oxymorons that make you go hmm. No belly laughs, but smiling inside makes you feel good too.

act natural
action plan
adult children
another one
assistant principalbaby grand
barely dressed
behave badly
bitter sweet
black light
brief longing
bus station

calm breeze
cherry tomato
classic novel
cold sweat
constant change
cost savings
crash landing
criminal justice
crowded room

defensive attack
deliberate mistake
devilishly good
dotted line
drag race
dress pants
dull roar

easy task
earth angel
electric candles
escaped prisoner
extinct life

fast idle
faulty logic
fine mess
flood control
forgotten memories
fresh frozen
front endgenuine imitation
global village
graduate student
graphic language

half empty
hard water
head butt
holy war
home office
homeless shelter
human nature

ice water
idle work
ill health
income tax
inside out
invisible ink
irate patient

jungle gym

lead balloon
light shade
liquid crystal
live recording
living dead
living fossil

minor disaster
mobile home
modern history
mud bathnegative growth
never again
new age
new tradition
non-dairy creamer
non-working mother

obstructed view
old news
once again
one pair
open secret
original copy

paid volunteer
paper tablecloth
passive resistance
peace offensive
permanent change
personal business
plastic glass
primitive technology

questionable answer
quiet rage

random order
regular specials
retired worker
riot control
rising deficit
rolling stop

sad clown
safety hazard
science fiction
second best
sight unseen
short distance
silent alarm
sit up
sleep walk
slow speed
sound asleep
still life
stop action
student teacher
sugarless candy
sweet tarttaped live
toll free
top floor
tragic comedy

vacuum filled
virtual reality

war games
water vapor
well-known secret
white chocolate
winged feet
wooden nickel
work party
working vacation

young adult

While the following are not true oxymorons, they are are humorous and I’ve included them here.

business ethics, civil war, educational television, freedom fighters,
government workers, honest broker, and military intelligence