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Aussie Jokes for Kids

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You may have heard some of these jokes told in a slightly different way. Some people call them groaners because that’s the sound adults make when they read them. So if you feel like a bit of silly humour to brighten your day, take a look at our jokes for children. No one is looking and we’ll never tell.

 1. What do you call a boomerang that won’t come back?

A stick.

 2. Why did the cockatoo sit on the clock?

So he would be on time.

 3. Why do kangaroo mums hate bad weather?

Their joeys have to play inside.

 4. What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with sheep?

A woolie jumper(sweater to Americans)

 5. What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a giraffe?

Broken legs.

 6. What do you get when you cross a glove with a Tasmanian Devil?

I don’t know,but i wouldn’t want to shake hands with it.

 7. What animal can jump higher than the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

All animals because bridges can’t jump.

 8. How do you stop a wild dingo from charging you?

Take away his credit card.

 9. Why does a frog have more lives than a cat?

Because it croaks every night

10. What do frogs drink?


11. Why did the crocodile cross the road?

He was following the chicken.

12. Why did the emu cross the road?

To prove he wasn’t chicken

13. What is red and stands in the corner?

A naughty strawberry

14. Why is a tree better than a guard dog?

The tree has more bark

15. How do telephones get married?

They give each other a ring

16. What is the leading cause of dry skin?


17. What did the necktie say to the hat?

You go on ahead and I’ll just hang  around


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