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Fun Time Games

Over 100 free action games, word games, jokes illusions, and just plain silly things to amuse yourself. Life is too short to be so serious. So take a break and have some fun with us.

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Word Games

Tongue tied ?

A mixture of games to challenge you.
Some easy & some surprisingly hard.

Word Search Games
Over 60 online games to play more added
Old games not working? I put in new tech and new games. Please try these.

Wombats on the Brain
Can we fool your brain?

Australian Cities  …  Australian Food
Australian Animals  …  Australian Clothes

Stranger in the Night
Are you smart enough to save them in time?

Tongue Twisters
Some oldies, some new, all fun to try.

Kids Play

For the child in all of us!

Never too old for the classic games.

Find Me Games
Ben Brumby … Charlie Crocodile
Kevin Kangaroo … Harmony Hippo
Elroy Elephant … Martin Monkey … Jolly Santa

Match Game for Kids
Australian animals. 3 games

Checkers – Sharks vs Crocks
Classic game Australian style.

Tic Tac Toe for Children

Fun Quiz

Uniquely Aussie

How Much Do You Know About Oz?

Australian Food Quiz

Australian Slang Quiz

Australian Rhyming Slang Quiz

Australian Land Quiz

Australian Capitals Quiz

Australian Flags Quiz

Australian Vegemite Quiz

Australian Logie Awards Quiz

Summer Olympic Games Quiz

Action Games

They’re addictive!

Play these games, but take care.
Like us, you may play for hours.

Marble Madness
Easy to win, hard to get a high score.
Take the challenge!

Dot Box Battle
Finish the boxes before the computer does.

Battle against your computer.
But watch out, your adversary is sneaky!

Traditional game against the computer

Jokes & Riddles

Laugh and Groan

A few new jokes & riddles and an Aussie
twist on some old favourites

Political – Let Sleeping Politicians Lieupdated
We take a humorous look at what happens when two pollys are stuck on a plane together (no, we’re not talking about birds!)

Political – Premier Wishes
A Genie appears to 3 Premiers and the consequences are dramatic, unexpected and humorous.

Political – Heaven or Hell?
An interesting choice with a surprise twist.

Political – More Political Humour
Nothing personal, but pollys again are the butt of our jokes.

Australian Jokes for Childrenupdated
An Aussie twist on well-known jokes. Groan if you must.

Blonde Jokes
Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

Hmm Jokes
More Hmm Jokes
Scratch your head jokes

Australian Riddles
Can you figure them out?

What Am I ?
Take the challenge

A contradiction in terms.

Suggest a Joke
Know a good joke? Share it with
us. We can all use a good laugh.

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