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Delicate Flowers

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Add a bit of romance to your day and send one of our lovely Australian Flower greeting cards.

Choose from a variety of messages to express your feelings.

Please pick 1 card. Each card is available in the same 4 messages.
Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4 Messages
Just for You
My Heart is Yours
Together Forever
I love you
The card is shown full size on the Preview page.
If you change your mind, go back to this page to pick something else.


Your song

You are the sparkle in my eyes
You are the laughter in my smile
You are the love in my heart
You are everything in my life
Dear little card speed on your way
Carry a message for me today
If only this card could take me too
How quickly I’d be there with you
The sound of your voice
The touch of your body
Makes me so happy to know
You are mine and I am yours
I send this little heart to you
To say I love you, indeed I do
And hope that you will be
Induced to send your heart to me

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