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Australian kangaroo moms are hard working animals. Send Everything Roo Do Mother’s Day cards to show how much you appreciate everything mum does. A variety of messages help you pick the perfect way to say how much you care. These special messages can be used for mums, step-mums, aunts or the other women who have been important in your life.

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Kangaroo cooking

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Kangaroo and baby

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None You’ve been a mother to me
In every way that counts
And I will love you always
Happy Mother’s Day
– humor –
I miss your hugs and kisses
I miss your cooking
I miss my laundry being done
Happy Mother’s Day
Though I’m far from home
Every time I eat a bickie
I always think of you
Happy Mother’s Day
Memories of special dinners
of love and laughter
I’m lucky you are my Mum
Happy Mother’s Day
I love your cookies
I love your cooking
But most of all I love you
Happy Mother’s Day
My world is a happy place
From all the things you do
I’m glad God gave me to you
Happy Mother’s Day
Thank you for being there
To do all the things
That made my life better
Happy Mother’s Day

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