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Easter Bouquet

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 My Wife  Poppy  the Family
 My Husband  Grandfather  My Sister
 Father  Grandmother  My Sister & Family
 Dad  Grandpa  My Brother
 Mum  Grandma  Brother & Family
 Mum and Dad  Grandma & Grandpa  My Daughter
 Mom  My Aunt  My Daughter & Family
 Mom and Dad  My Uncle  My Son
 Mother  My Cousin  My Son & Family

None I send to you my sincere wish
for all the joys and peace
of this Easter Time
Best wishes for Easter
I’m sending to you today
God keep and preserve you
And lighten your way
All happiness this day be thine
Bright sun upon thee ever shine
On this day glad tidings ring
Share the good news Easter brings
May the Peace of God
abide in your heart and home
this Easter Day
Across the many miles between us
I whisper an Easter prayer
May the world smile upon you
And peace and joy be everywhere
The merriest Easter ever
Be truly yours my friend
And to make it merrier yet
This greeting to you I send
May Easter
with its joyous ring
to you and yours
much gladness bring
All Easter blessings
All Easter cheer
All your own wishes
I wish you this year
My wishes are many
this day for you
May your Easter be happy
and your troubles few
May each little bird
and every flower whisper
the tender Easter message
of Joy, Gladness and Hope
My wishes sincere and kind
Show that you are on my mind
On this Easter Day I express
How much I wish you happiness

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