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Birthday Cards

Looking for a birthday card? Our popular Pademelon blowing out a candle or sharing a birthday cake always brings a smile. If you’re feeling more traditional, send some Australian flowers. They’re always in season. Whatever you send, they will appreciate that you wished them a Happy Birthday.

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Bright Wishes

Pademelon ~ 2 cards

I Forgot Your Birthday  new

3 cards


4 different Lorikeet, Kookaburra, Cockatoo cards
multiple messages

The Royal Cats  new

2 cards

Birthday Bouquet

2 Australian flower cards ~ multiple messages

For the Kids ~ Ages 1 to 7 years old

Koala, Emu, Kangaroo cards (not all cards shown below)

Australian Flowers

4 different flower cards ~ multiple messages

Spring Flowers   new

4 cards ~ multiple messages

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