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Madonna and Child

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Traditional Christmas cards to share the joy and majesty of this wondrous birth.

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Merry Christmas to . . .
 None  Pop  My Friend
 My Wife  Poppy  the Family
 My Husband  Grandfather  My Sister
 Father  Grandmother  My Sister & Family
 Dad  Grandpa  My Brother
 Mum  Grandma  Brother & Family
 Mum and Dad  Grandma & Grandpa  My Daughter
 Mom  My Aunt  My Daughter & Family
 Mom and Dad  My Uncle  My Son
 Mother  My Cousin  My Son & Family

None Blessings from Heaven
Fall upon your way
Life’s best gifts be given
To you this Christmas Day
God bless you and yours
This Christmas Day
May Peace & Joy be with you
Rejoicing in His Love always
Sing, oh, sing this blessed morn
Jesus Christ today is born
Unto us a Son is given
God Himself came from heaven
A joyful Christmas
Let naught dismay
For Christ our Lord
Was born today
Warm hearts and memories true
Kindly thoughts and fond regard
Is why Dear Friend I sent
This heartfelt Christmas card
A very Merry Christmas
To you My Dear Friend
This cheerful wish with
All my heart I’m glad to send
We’re extending hearty wishes
To your family great and small
May Santa remember you kindly
When he makes his usual call
May the Spirit of Christmas
With its wondrous spell
Bring Peace, Love and Joy
And wish everyone well
The spirit of Christmas is gladness
the heart of Christmas is joy
Tis found in the mirth & laughter
Of each little girl & boy
When Christmas carols
Fill the winter’s air
May Love, Peace and Joy
Be with you everywhere
Christmas cards
Christmas wishes too
All unite in carrying
My Christmas Love to you

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