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Delicate Aussie Flower Cards

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Tell someone how special they are to you. Our Delicate Australian Flowers birthday cards offer a variety of poems that will show them how much you care.

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None My love is great
My heart is true
For your Birthday I offer
Both to you
Please forgive my being late
Though I’ve forgotten the date
I would never forget you
For you’re my friend so true
I send my love for your Birthday
Tho I’ve sent it ofttimes before
But every bit added
Makes just a little bit more
Whatever the years may bring
Whatever the years have brought
Know on your birthday You dwell
In an old friend’s thoughts
Sincere and glad wishes
For your Birthday I send
From all of life’s problems
May heaven guard you my friend
Upon your Birthday may there be
From past days sweet memory
All my best wishes today I send
For happiness always my friend
Let joyful words from far and near
Add to the happy Birthday cheer
May every good to you be blessed
Life, virtue, health and happiness
I’m thinking of you today
On this your special Birthday
May all your wishes come true
Good fortune always follow you
May the future for you hold
All life’s brightest, purest gold
And may past and future blend
To bless the Birthday of my friend

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