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Australia Day Cards

On January 26 each year, Australians celebrate Australia Day. This holiday commemorates the beginning of European settlement in Australia when Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in 1788 with the First Fleet. More information

If you’d like a traditional card, send We are Australians with the Australian flag superimposed over the Australian landscape and a selection of verses. On the lighter side, try Animal Surfing or if you’re feeling a bit lazy, send our very relaxed Beach Koala. He’s a bit sunburned because we had a hard time getting suntan lotion on him. No matter what you pick, share the day with a friend and send a card.

Dancing Emu

1 card

We Are Australians

3 cards ~ multiple messages

The Roo Says

2 cards

Food & Beer

3 cards

Beach Koala

3 cards

Sunset Fun

 2 cards

Animal Surfing

Koala, Wombat, Kangaroo ~ 2 cards