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There’s a lot to see and do in our wonderful country. The following websites can provide you with a wealth of information to make your visit a pleasant one. When touring, you can even find where the local toilets from the National Public Toilet Map (see link on the right). Visit the states’ tourist centres and check out our lovely landmarks, parks and wildlife. Australia has a lot to see!

New South Wales

  1. Sydney visitors
  2. City of Sydney
  3. Blue Mountains tourism
  4. Parks and Wildlife
  5. Gov tourism website

South Australia

  1. South Australia visitors
  2. Adelaide visitors
  3. Parks and Wildlife
  4. Gov tourism website

Western Australia

  1. WA visitors
  2. Gov tourism website


  1. Tasmania visitors
  2. Parks and Wildlife
  3. Travel website
  4. Tasmania touring


  1. Canberra visitors
  2. Gov tourism info


  1. Parks and Forests
  2. Gov tourismn website


  1. Victoria visitors
  2. Parks & Reserves
  3. Visit Melbourne
  4. Gov tourism website

Northern Territories

  1. NT visitors
  2. Gov tourism website

Other Resources

  1. National Public Toilet Map

Links open in a new window. When you’re done with the other website, close that window. We’ll be here waiting so you can continue your visit with us.