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Marine Environment

Australia has the world’s largest area of coral reefs and the third largest area of mangroves. Our marine environment supports a variety of creatures such as dugongs, dolphins, seals, whales, and thousands of different fish and shellfish species. Thirty of the world’s 50 species of sea snakes are found in Australia.

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Australian Government Based

  1. CSIRO Marine Research
  2. Coastcare
  3. Murray Darling Basin Commission
  4. Environment Australia Online
  5. Environment Australia – Coasts & Oceans
  6. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  7. Australian Seafood Industry Council (ASIC)
  8. VIC – NRE Fishing and Aquaculture


  1. SA – Aquarium Society
  2. VIC – Eastern Districts Aquarium Society
  3. QLD – Federation Of Aquarium Societies
  4. NSW – Sydney Aquarium
  5. WA – Aquarium AQWA

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