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Help for Aussies Overseas

Are you an Australian living overseas? We’ve put together a variety of helpful information you may need while outside Australia. Most links are to Australian government websites. To make things easier for you, whenever possible we’ve linked directly to the specified information on their website so you won’t have to hunt for it. Many of the websites have government forms online for you to print out and use.

See also
 Australian Embassies and Consulates Around the World
Australian Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages

Problems Overseas

  1. Arrested or Gaoled Overseas
  2. Victim of Sexual Assault Overseas
  3. Australians Missing Overseas
  4. Missing Person Overseas


  1. Voting from overseas


  1. Lost or stolen Australian passports
  2. Passport Australia website
    Renew your passport while overseas
  3. Dual nationals overseas travel
    You might be one and not know. Also potential problems.

Birth, Marriage and Death

  1. Married overseas
  2. Birth of an Australian baby overseas
    Application for Registration of Australian Citizenship
  3. Australian death overseas
  4. Australian police criminal history checks
    Information and forms


  1. Medicare services overseas
    Who and what is covered
  2. Taking and sending PBS medicines overseas
  3. The Travel Doctor


  1. Australian WhereIs
  2. Find an Australian postcode
  3. Pets going to Australia

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