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Australian Aid & Charity

The oldest philanthropic foundation still in operation in Australia is thought to be the Wyatt Benevolent Institution, established in 1881. The charitable trust originated from the assets of the estate of the late Dr. William Wyatt (1804-86). Wyatt’s goal for his charity is to reduce financial disadvantage and improves the quality of life for South Australians.

Dr. William Wyatt was born in Plymouth, England, in 1804 and migrated to Australia in 1837. He served in a variety of government positions, including Protector of Aborigines, State Coroner and South Australia’s first inspector of public schools.

  1. Australian Government AusAID
    The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) is an Australian Government agency within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. AusAID manages the government’s official overseas aid program. Objective of the aid program is to advance Australia’s national interest by helping developing countries reduce poverty & achieve sustainable development.
  2. Australian Council for International Development
    (previously Australian Council for Overseas Aid – ACFOA) an independent national association of non-government organisations in the field of international aid & development.
    A not for profit activist organisation monitoring & campaigning on Australian overseas aid and trade policies & programs.
  4. CARE Australia
    The largest non-political non-religious overseas aid organisation in Australia, providing humanitarian assistance across the globe. Led by former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, CARE Australia joined CARE international in 1987.
  5. Philanthropy Wiki
    An online encyclopaedia and archive of knowledge on philanthropy in Australia.
  6. Everyday Hero
    Build your own personal fundraising page to support your favourite charity or cause.
  7. Plan Big
    Community of people with tools, skills and know-how turning ideas into reality. Join a plan or propose your own.
  8. AustCare – Australians Caring for Refugees
  9. Australian Cranio Maxillo Facial Foundation
  10. Australian Doctors International
  11. Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations
  12. Australian National Committee on Refugee Women
  13. Australian Reproductive Health Alliance
  14. Australian Volunteers International
  15. National Council of Churches in Australia
  16. Oxfam – Oxfam Australia Community Aid Abroad
  17. PALMS Australia-Volunteering for a Global Mission
  18. Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture
  19. International Women’s Development Agency
    1. Fred Hollows Foundation
    2. Habitat for Humanity Australia
    3. World Vision Australia
    5. Australian Business Volunteers
    6. Aussie Kidz Charity
    7. Nusatenggara Association
    8. Compassion Australia
    9. Leprosy Mission Australia
    10. Marist Mission Centre
    11. Medecins Sans Frontieres
    12. Mercy Works
    13. PLAN International Australia
    14. Quaker Service Australia
    15. Red Cross Australia
    16. RedR Australia
    17. Refugee Council of Australia
    18. RESULTS Australia
    19. Salvation Army
    20. Save the Children Australia
    21. Choir of Hope and Inspiration
    22. TEAR Australia
    23. UNICEF Australia
    24. Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA
    25. United Nations Assoc of Australia
    26. Uniting Church Overseas Aid
    27. Franciscan Missionary Union
    28. Rotary Australia World Community Service
    29. World Wide Fund for Nature Australia
    30. Opportunity International Australia
    31. Interserve Australia
    32. Christian Children’s Fund Australia – CCF
    33. Caritas Australia
      Catholic Agency for Overseas Aid & Development
    34. Christian Blind Mission International (Aus)
    35. Christian World Service / National Council of
      Churches in Australia
    36. Community Health & Tuberculosis Australia
    37. International Christian Aid Relief
    38. Australian Relief and Mercy Services
    39. Overseas Pharmaceutical Aid for Life
    40. Melbourne Overseas Mission Fund

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