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Australian Style

The Akubra Hat, Ugg Boots and Driza-Bone Coats are three of the most well known Aussie icons. The styles are pure Aussie, reflecting our ingenuity and practicality.

Australian Style

Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are a dinky-die Aussie icon no matter what some #$%# company tells you. Funny, we thought only an Aussie could love our Ugg boots. Now that some celebrities have turned our ugly boots into a fashion statement, they’ve become a hit around the world.

Australian Style

Driza-Bone Coats

If you’ve ever seen the movie The Man From Snowy River, you’ve seen our famous Driza-Bone riding coats. They were also worn by the riders in the spectacular 2000 Sydney Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies.

Akubra Hat

Australians have many things that make them unique. One of the best known is the famous Akubra hat. Always in style, the Akubra hat is worn by Prime Ministers, Presidents, movie and sports stars, royalty and people all over the world.

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