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Andrew Nabbout Will Return to Melbourne Victory

Not long ago, Andrew Nabbout was said to return to Melbourne Victory. People who like to bet on sports on thebossbet  must be very happy to see the former member return to his initial position. Apparently, the team is set to acquire the 26-year-old player back after his failure with J-League. Apparently, Nabbout is happy to return to the Australian team, since his injury prevented him from joining J-League.

Many Australian fans are surely in awe to see him back in his hometown, and Melbourne Victory is, as well, excited to have him and see what the future holds.

Who Is Nabbout and What Is He Known for?

Andrew Nabbout is an Australian football player, known for being a winger for two teams, respectively the national Australian team and Melbourne Victory. Being only 26 years old, he was able to make a name for himself after joining Melbourne Victory back in 2012-2013.

After playing for the Youth Team for a while, he successfully had his senior debut for Melbourne Victory. As such, he has become loved for scoring two goals, including a winning one, for the Australian team during a match against Sydney FC. He was on the bench until the 66th minute, when he joined the field and helped his teammates. The 91st-minute goal was the one giving them the victory.

A week later, the player had scored his first-ever goal while being at home. The game was not won by Melbourne Victory, yet it ended in a draw. But not all his matches were filled with happy endings during that period. He had also lost with the famous team during the match against Adelaide. While Nabbout was able to score a goal, Adelaide took over with 4 goals.

During the following years, Nabbout has joined Newcastle Jets, another Australian team. But he didn’t have the best start, given he only got to score a goal until the 6th Round. He apparently managed to get an offer from Al-Dhafra from UAE Pro-League to accept a transfer from Newcastle. Newcastle, however, did not accept this offer because the money sum wasn’t big enough. After this, there had been rumors circulating that there was actually no offer for the transfer in the first place and that Al-Dhafra had just shown interest and the money amount was not bad.

Later on, the best pre-season had taken place for Nabbout. He was able to score 8 goals. In 2018, he left Newcastle and joined Urawa Red Diamonds, a Japanese football club. He didn’t have his best experience with them, though. He was able to score one goal during 16 appearances with them. So, this year, he decided to return to Melbourne Victory.

However, he is also known for his international career. The 26-year old had been taken in the Australian squad, and his first international friendly was against Norway. Australia had, however, lost the match with 4-1. Later on, a match ended with a draw against Colombia, with 0-0. It might have not been his best time, but his performance didn’t go by unnoticed, thus giving him a lot of praise.

Nabbout was also in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, in the preliminary squad. He was lucky enough to have his first international goal against the Czech Republic, a match won by Australia.

Nabbout’s Return to Melbourne Victory

Not long after another former player, Robbie Kruse, has decided to return to Melbourne Victory, Andrew Nabbout has taken the same course of action. Making the move from the big Japanese team, the 26-year-old sees himself glorious with his former teammates. He was the starting Socceroos striker at the World Cup last year too.

Melbourne Victory is the club responsible for starting Nabbout’s career, so it’s not surprising that he and his fans are eager to see how he’s going to perform. The signing of a one-year contract has been confirmed, and so everyone is thrilled for him.

“I’m delighted to be coming back to Melbourne Victory – this is a fantastic opportunity” Nabbout has declared.

Not only is he happy to be back home, but it will also be much easier for him to be closer to his family. He and his wife are about to have their first child this autumn, so it’s a great opportunity to not only be with her but also get to continue his passion and career. He discussed with his significant other and came to the conclusion this is the perfect time to be coming back. “On a personal level, my wife and I are expecting our first child in November so to be around family will give us a big boost of support,” he said.

Andrew Nabbout is very excited and has admitted to being eager to play.

Melbourne Victory’s Opinion and Future

As expected, the team cannot wait to play besides Nabbout again. The boss of the team is glad to have taken the player back. “We’re thrilled to have secured Andrew Nabbout for this upcoming season” Kurz has said.

According to him, Nabbout is a very talented and experienced player who would be able to provide a lot of glory to Melbourne Victory. Given he has experience in the national league and J-League, as well as the A-League, he is expected to have an outstanding performance.

“It’s important to find players that complement the squad in an on-pitch sense, but also ones who fit culturally – Andrew, as a former player at Victory, is another one who meets that brief,” he said.

The team, just like any other team, is looking to be victorious, so any good player will only help this come true. After Robbie Kruse and Andrew Nabbout have agreed to return, the future of the team looks bright. Therefore, there’s a lot of excitement for what comes ahead, and the Australian team might become a favorite pick for online sports betting. For now, we can only wait at the edge of our seats to see how the winger is going to perform for the Australians.