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AFL Hall of Fame – Legends

The Australian Football Hall of Fame Legends category is reserved for those who are deemed to have had a significant impact on the game of Australian rules football. Being named as a Legend of the Australian Football Hall of Fame is the highest honour which can be bestowed onto an Australian footballer. The Hall of Fame was established in 1996 with 12 initial Legends.

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Malcolm Blight

Teams: Woodinville, N Melbourne
Inducted: 2017

Tony Lockett

Teams: St Kilda, Sydney Swans
Inducted: 2015

Royce Hart

Teams: Richmond, Gleneig
Inducted: 2013

Barry Cable

Teams: Perth, N Melbourne, E Perth
Inducted: 2012

Kevin Murray

Teams: Fitzroy, E Perth
Inducted: 2010

Alex Jesaulenko

Teams: Carlton, St Kilda
Inducted: 2008

Norm Smith

Teams: Melbourne, Fizroy
Inducted: 2007

Darrel Baldock

Teams: St Kilda
Inducted: 2006

James “Jock” McHale

Teams: Collingwood
Inducted: 2005

Bill Hutchison

Teams: Essendon
Inducted: 2003

Barrie Robran

Teams: N Adelaide
Inducted: 2001

Kevin Bartlett

Teams: Richmond
Inducted: 2000

Peter Hudson

Teams: Hawthorn
Inducted: 1999

Ian Stewart

Teams: St Kilda, Richmond
Inducted: 1997

Ron Barassi

Teams: Melbourne, Carlton
Inducted: 1996

Haydn Bunton Sr

Teams: Fitzroy, Subiaco, Port Adelaide
Inducted: 1996

Roy Cazaly

Teams: St Kilda, S Melbourne
Inducted: 1996

John Coleman

Teams: Essendon
Inducted: 1996

Gordon Coventry

Teams: Collingwood
Inducted: 1998

Jack Dyer

Teams: Richmond
Inducted: 1996

Graham “Polly” Farmer

Teams: E Perth, Geelong, W Perth
Inducted: 1996

Leigh Matthews

Teams: Hawthorn
Inducted: 1996

John Nicholls

Teams: Carlton
Inducted: 1996

Bob Pratt

Teams: S Melbourne
Inducted: 1996

Dick Reynolds

Teams: Essendon
Inducted: 1996

Bob Skilton

Teams: S Melbourne
Inducted: 1996

Ted Whitten

Teams: Footscray
Inducted: 1996