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Speaking Australian Slang

Australian slang is colourful, and often funny. Australian slang can also be a complete mystery to most people not born here.

To help you, rather than alphabetize hundreds of words, I divided up the information into three parts: Slang Phrases, Categories, Rhyming Slang. I hope this makes it easier for you to understand and more enjoyable to read.

There is a lot of British and American slang we also use in Australia such as fridge for refrigerator. However, the info listed here, like the rest of our website, is devoted to all things Aussie so some words were not included.

And finally, we’re proud of being a very robust and colourful people. Please understand that this is a family friendly website used by children too, so you may find some of your favourites missing.


Search for an Australian Word

Want to know what a certain slang word means, but don’t know the category? Use our Slang Search to select from over 700 words.

More Interesting Slang

Slang Phrases

I put the phrase into a sentence to help you understand what it means and how it’s used.

Rhyming Slang

Dog’s eye, rock and lurch, cheese ‘n kisses and other slang words that rhyme.

Slang Diminutives

Lippie, mushie, pollie, rellie, chewie, etc.

Suggest a Slang Word

Did I missed some good old Aussie words or phrases? I would love to know about them.

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Australian Slang

Australian Rhyming Slang

Slang by Category


Goog, sanga, floaters, etc. 
See also 
our Aussie recipes.

Bush Tucker

Quandong, Witchetti Grubs


Alcoholic & non-alcoholic


Pollie, reffo, dill, sook, etc.


Ankle-biter, up the duff, etc.


Cozzies, moleskins, etc.

Shearers Slang  NEW

Ringer, Ducks on the Pond, etc.


Top End, Woop Woop, etc.


Bed-sit, besser block, etc.


Uni, kindy, dux, chalkie, etc.

Cars, Trucks, ‘n More

Boot, comby, anchors, etc.


Prang, Shank’s Pony, etc.


Bunyip, jumbuck, etc.


Arvo, Chrissy, yonks, etc.


G’day, hooroo and tingle, etc.

More Things

Mates rates, li-lo, Nasho, etc.

More Slang

Many of these words are about behaviour or feelings.

Military Slang

Military Slang

Dargon, Dixies, Red Tags, Tillie, Zoom Bag, and other Aussie military related words.

Search for 
Australian Military Words

Use this Slang Search to select from about 150 military slang. No spelling needed.

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