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Being so far from Australia, Yanks often have it really tough understanding the time differences. Even our dating system can cause confusion. Like most of the world, Australia uses the format day, month, year while Americans use month, day, year. 11/12/04 would be the 11th of December to an Aussie while a Yank would say it’s November 12th.

So if you’re planning to meet, make sure you’re both talking about the same day.

Arvo afternoon
Evo evening
Brekkie breakfast
Tea light meal late afternoon or main meal in the evening, also a drink
Satdee Saturday
Sundee Sunday
Fortnight generally 14 days, but if said “Monday fortnight” it means not next Monday, but the one after that.
Yonks a long period of time
Ron later on
Smoko originally a cigarette break, but now meaning a break which include having something to eat and drink, and a cigarette if you are allowed to.
Sickie a day off work by calling in sick when you don’t feel like working and want to do other things
Holidays usually refers to time off work, vacation
Chrissy Christmas
Cup Day public holiday when everyone watches the Melbourne Cup
Ekka Day public holiday in Brisbane for the Ekka (state fair in USA)
Break-up Day last day of school
The Wet rainy season during summer in tropical northern Australia

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