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Australian sports is serious business here as it is in many parts of the world. We love our teams and you’ll hear endless hours on the TV and radio about what some player did or did not do right. We invented Australian Rules Football and it’s a game you’ve got to see to believe. Those that hate the game refer to it as Aerial Ping Pong because the ball is in the air most of the time due to the frequent high kicking.

No matter what game you enjoy playing or simply watching, you’ll find Aussies who will be glad to have a drink with you and maybe a bet on the side.


Aerial Ping Pong Australian Rules Football (said with humour)
The Ashes trophy for test cricket game between Australia and England. The trophy is an urn containing the ashes of a burnt cricket stump.
Barrack to cheer for your sports team or player, also to take sides in an argument.
Americans please note that “rooting” for a team means something completely different in Australia. Using that word may get you some strange looks and possible some new Aussie ‘friends’. Go ahead, click on the link. You’re dying to see what it means.
Six-stitcher a cricket ball
Bowls game of lawn bowls
Tenpin Bowling bowling in USA
Noughts & Crosses tic-tac-toe
Two Up gambling game played by throwing 2 coins in the air simultaneously
Pokies poker machines, slot machines
Scratchy, Scratchie instant lottery ticket
Tatts Tattersall’s Sweep, a lottery
Fete outdoor event with funds raised by the sale of goods and amusements. Run often to benefit charity.

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