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More Australian Slang

Gobsmacked. Now that’s a fun slang word. In case you’re wondering if people here actually use words like that, yes, fair dinkum. You’ll also hear it used on the radio and on TV.

Where did that word come from? Well, a gob is slang for your mouth. If someone smacked (hit) you in the mouth, you’d probably be surprised. Yes, we’re guessing here. Although we’ve never been hit in the mouth, we have been gobsmacked.


– A TO G –
Aggro being aggravated, upset about something
Beat Up an exaggeration, big talk about nothing
Bloody very, used to emphasize a point (examples: bloody awful, bloody amazing,
Blue fight or mistake. Also a person with red hair
Bodgy poor quality work or incorrectly done
Brown-Eye to show ones bottom, mooning
Buckleys no chance for it to happen
Bush Telegraph word-of-mouth, gossip
Bush Telly campfire or starlight (telly is short for television)
Cark die
Chinwag casual chat with someone
Crack Onto romantically pursue someone
Crack a Fruity go crazy, insane, weird
Crook sick (feeling crook), bad (crook weather), difficult (crook job), also dishonest person
Dinkum true, for real, honest, genuine
Dob In inform on someone or suggest someone for a task
Flick to get rid of someone or something
Glam glamorous
Gob mouth
Gobsmacked amazed, surprised
Good Nick good condition
Goss gossip

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