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More Australian Slang 2

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Understanding Australian slang can save you from some embarrassing moments. Our friend Jan is an avid sports fan. Visiting here from America, she kept talking about how much she and her girl friends would “root” for their team. This often was followed by some bloke in the group asking how much she charged.

Not knowing the Aussie meaning of the word, she’d reply that she didn’t charge anything and in fact paid a lot of money to go to the games to root for her team. The Aussies, of course, knew exactly what she meant, but couldn’t resists the joke. We finally told her what was going on and she turned a lovely shade of red.


– H TO Z –
Hard Yakka hard work
Onya shortened form of “good on you”
Pash long, lingering passionate kissing
Possie position or spot. (Find a good possie to eat our lunch.)
Post a Letter mail a letter
Rapped extremely happy
Ripper admiration, someone or something exciting
Root to have sexual intercourse. Americans, if you want to root for your team, use the Aussie word barrack unless you actually mean …
Starkers Crazy, mad, insane. Can also mean completely naked.
Stroppy difficult, complaining
Shonky low or suspect quality, can refer to a person’s character or to a thing
Spit the Dummy have a tantrum (a dummy is the same as a baby’s pacifier in USA)
Spot On exact, perfect, correct
Square the Circle attempt the impossible
Strine Australian slang
Stuffed exhausted
Sus suspicious
True Blue authentic, honest
Up Yourself having a large ego
Whinge whine or complain constantly
Wonky bad condition which affects performance
Zed Australian (and British) pronunciation of the letter Z

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