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Rhyming Slang

Rhyming slang is a creative way to play with language. The origins of Australian rhyming slang is unclear. While some believe it came over with the original convicts from England, others point to its appearance at the turn of the century.

Because this is a family-friendly site visited by children from all over the world, we’ve decided only to include words we believe are appropriate. The following are examples, but don’t expect your average Aussie to know all of these. We certainly didn’t. Take our Australian Rhyming Slang Quiz and see how you do.


China Plate mate
Captain Cook look
Nelly McGuire light the fire
Nellie Bligh fly
Dad ‘n Dave shave
Pat Malone alone
Johnny Horner corner
Al Capone phone
Mad Mike push bike
Jimmy Grant immigrant
Rory O’Moore close the door
Georgie Moore door
Wally Grout shout (turn to the buy drinks)
Egg Flip tip (racing)
Joe Baxi taxi
Malvern Star car
John Hop cop
Johnny Hopper copper
Mutt and Jeff deaf
Mary Lee tea
Aristotle bottle
Jack Jones bones
Ned Kelly belly
Lionel Rose nose
Joe Blake snake
Jack and Jill bill
Barry Crocker shocker
Molly the Monk drunk
Reg Grundys undies
Harold Holt bolt (run)
Billy Lid kid
Tin Lid kid
Ginger Meggs legs
Gregory Peck neck
Zane Grey pay
Germaine Greer ear
Trouble and Strife wife
Cheese ‘n Kisses missus
Blood Blister sister
Comic Cuts guts
Stay Afloat coat
Potato Peeler sheila
Mad and Silly billy
Sausage Roll goal
Country Cousin dozen
Porkie Pie lie
Septic Tank Yank
Tin Tank Yank

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