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Many English speaking people visiting our country for the first time often find Australian English surprisingly different. For example Aussies tend to shorten words in ways that leave visitors lost: a politician is a polly, university is uni and Christmas is Chrissie.

So if you’re visiting our country, keep this in mind and you’ll be able to guess what we’re saying.

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Ga day Cobber

Meaning: welcome close friend.
Example: Ga day cobber. What have you been up to?

Go and have a cuppa

Meaning: have cup of tea or coffee.
Example: Go and have a cuppa and I will be there soon.

Go and tart yourself up

Meaning: Please dress in your best clothes
Example: Go and tart yourself up we’re going out to dinner.

Going to the dunny

Meaning: off to the toilet.
Example: Mate you have to wait. I got to go to the dunny.

Having a blue

Meaning: having a fight or argument.
Example: Listen! Can you hear next door having a blue with her old man.

Have a naughty

Meaning: sexual intercourse.
Example: Sorry I’m late. I had a quick naughty with the misses.

He’s got a goog

Meaning: he’s got a bump as big as an egg.
Example: He was in a fight and he got a goog on his head.

He’s got tickets on himself

Meaning: highly self opinionated, thinks they are just great
Example: Don’t take any notice of him. He’s got tickets on himself.


Meaning: an expression of surprise.
Example: Holy-dooly! That was hot.

I got the wog

Meaning: a cold, flu or virus
Example: I can’t go to school because I got the wog.

I will job you!

Meaning: I will hit you or punch you.
Example: If you don’t leave me alone I’ll job you.

I’m knackered

Meaning: absolutely exhausted or very tired.
Example: It was a tough day at work. I’m knackered.

It’s a goer

Meaning: something that will definitely occur.
Example: no matter if it rains or not it’s a goer tomorrow.

Mucking around

Meaning: acting in a way that others generally don’t like.
Example: She got very mad at the way he was mucking around.

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