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The names we give ourselves are probably some of the most colourful slang we use every day such as chippie, garbo and polly. Speaking of polly, our American friend, Sara, was watching the news on TV and asked what was all the fuss about the birds. Watching the same show, we didn’t see any story about birds. She said it was something about a polly. We explained that polly was short for politician.

Sara was surprised that the newsreader would use slang in


Casual Worker someone who works part time or as temporary help
Jackaroo male station hand
Jillaroo female station hand
Stockman person who tends livestock on horseback. (Cowboy USA)
Cow Cockie dairy farmer
Fruit Cockie fruit farmer
Greengrocer person who sells fruit and vegetables
Milko milkman
Offsider assistant or helper
Chippie carpenter
Sparky electrician; also called a leckie
Brickie bricklayer
Postie postman, mailman, mail delivery person
Trolly Dolly airline hostess

reading the news. A few minutes later she told us she thought polly was a good name for politicians. American pollys often squawk and talk about things they don’t understand.

Maybe that IS why we call ours pollys. A few we know fit that description.

Next time you’re flying overseas, try calling an American airline hostess a “trolly dolly”. It may be humorous, but it’s probably not a politically correct way to address the ladies.

Fang Carpenter dentist
Chemist drug store, pharmacy. Also person filling prescriptions. In the USA the place is called a pharmacy, while the person is called a pharmacist.
Trucky driver of large trucks
Umpie umpire
Wax-head surfer
Wharfie dockside worker, longshoreman
Garbo garbage collector (American); dustman (British)
Dunnyman person who empties toilet cans where there is no sewer connected
Seppo person who empties the dunny or septic tank. Also another word for an American (said in humour)
Bushranger outlaw
Duffers thieves, i.e. cattle duffer (cattle thief)
Hoon hooligan
Mongrel despicable person
Ratbag rascal; rogue; person who has non-conforming behaviour. Can be used with humour said to a friend.
Bludger person who won’t work, extremely lazy
Dole Bludger person who avoids work preferring to live on welfare
Crim criminal
Dip pickpocket

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