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Oldies, wrinklies and old dears are rather descriptive of our oldest generation. At the other end we have ankle biters and rug rats.

Sometimes the slang we use is a bit too descriptive. Take “fang carpenter”. Shows a bit of our famous Aussie humour, but it’s probably not something you’d want to hear your own dentist called when you’re waiting in his office.


Bloke a man
Sheila a woman
Trouble and Strife wife (rhyming slang)
Mum mother
Ankle Biter young child
Rug Rat baby
Sprogs offspring, children
Tin Lid kid (rhyming slang)
Schoolie holidaying student after completing final year exams. Not to be confused with schooie which is a schooner of beer.
Oldies parents
Poppy grandfather
Rellies relatives
Mate friend, buddy
Cobber close friend, mate
Old Dears senior citizens or your parents
Wrinklies senior citizens
De Facto man or woman living together as husband and wife, but not married
The Don Sir Donald Bradman, considered the best cricket player
ANZAC member of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Digger Australian soldier
Salvo, Sal, Sallie person from the Salvation Army
Vinnie’s St. Vincent De Paul’s (charity thrift stores)
Larrikin a rowdy, irresponsible person
Boofhead friendly term for someone who is not too smart
Galah foolish person also a pink and grey parrot
Dill a simpleton or stupid person, also a herb
Dobber person who told what you’ve been up to, usually something bad
Drongo stupid person. A drongo footballer would run the wrong way.
Show Pony appearance is more important than ability to this person
Sook cry baby, timid and shy cowardly person
Stickybeak nosy person who does not mind their own business
Wanker male that’s really stupid but thinks he’s the greatest
Winger person who complains constantly (whinge)
Dag unfashionable person
Yobbo an uncouth person
Ocker uncultured person, an Aussie who likes beer, sports and women (usually in that order)

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