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Anzac Slang

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The Anzacs created many unique slang terms and expressions while living and fighting in the Gallipoli trenches. The following are just an examples of the more common ones.

We have excluded the more interesting and colourful of the military slang because we’re a family-friendly website visited by children all over the world. We hope you understand and enjoy the slang we do share with you here.

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Jacko, Johnno, Johnny Turkish soldier
Jam Tin Improvised grenades made by ANZAC soldiers because of a lack of equipment suited to trench warfare. The inner can was made from the empty jam tins or bully beef tins filled with explosives. The outer can contained metal fragments or ball bearings. They were also used as booby traps.
Kangaroo Feathers Emu plumes on a Light Horseman’s hat. Kangaroo feathers was a joke told by Aussies to English troops who wanted to know what they were.
Kiwi New Zealander
Knock Wound
Lance Corporal Bacon Bacon with a lot of fat but only one streak of lean meat. Corporals only have one stripe on their uniform, hence the bacon slang
Linseed Lancers Australian Field Ambulence men
Liz, Lizzie Battleship Queen Elisabeth
Penninsh Gallipoli Peninsula
Pill Bullet
Red Caps British military police
Rock-chewer Dry biscuit often responsible for broken teeth when eaten.
Sick Parade Men feeling unwell attended the parade to the medical officer’s tent
S.R.D. Seldom Reaches Destination or Supply Reserve Depot
Stiffs’ Paddock Graveyard
Stoush, Stouch Fight, kill or use violence
Swing the Banjo Shovel dirt.
Taube German reconaissance airplane also capable of dropping bombs
Throw a Seven To get killed
Typewriter Machine-gun
Turkey Trot Diarrhoea
Whizz-bang German 77mm shell
Wind-up Scared
Winze Underground connection between two trenches
Woodbine English soldier from a common English cigarette brand name
Would-to-Godder Civilian who “would to God” he could go off to the war.

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