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Anzac Slang

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The Anzacs created many unique slang terms and expressions while living and fighting in the Gallipoli trenches. The following are just an examples of the more common ones.

We have excluded the more interesting and colourful of the military slang because we’re a family-friendly website visited by children all over the world. We hope you understand and enjoy the slang we do share with you here.

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Abdul Nickname for a Turkish soldier
An Auntie Turkish broomstick bomb. Propelled by a mortar, the bomb was a 4-inch cartridge case filled with explosives, nails and other metal schrapnel.
Anzac Soup Shell-hold polluted by a corpse
Anzac Stew Container of hot water and one bacon rind
Axel Grease Butter
Babbling Brook Army cook
Bags Of A lot, great amount, big number of something
Banjo Trenching shovel.
Base Wallah Person far behind the front line in a relatively safe job
Beachy Bill Turkish guns that shelled the beach at Anzac
Beetle Landing craft holding 200 soldiers
Bergoo Porridge
Body-snatcher Solder in a raiding party sent to capture Turkish prisoners
Brass Hats Senior officer
Bully Salted tinned beef
Camel Dung Egyptian cigarettes
Chat-bags Underwear
Clobber Clothes
Clout Wound
Cobber Mate, friend
Cricket Ball Turkish hand grenade the size of a cricket ball, but with a burning fuse. It was sometimes possible to catch and throw it back.
Curio, Souvy Battlefield souvenir often taken from dead enemies.
Digger Anzac soldiers
Fantass Tank of water carried by mules or camels.
Gallipoli Gallop Diarrhoea
Greybacks Lice
Gutzer Misfortune, piece of bad luck

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