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Military Slang 5


Military Slang

Members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) use many unique slang terms. The ADF is made up of the Australian Army, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

We have excluded the more interesting and colourful of the military slang because we’re a family-friendly website visited by children all over the world. We hope you understand and enjoy the slang we do share with you here.

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Sad-on To be unhappy. “What’s up mate? You’ve had a sad-on all day.”
Sads To whinge, as in “crack the sads.”
Sally Man Salvation Army Officer. A term of endearment.
SAS Special Air Service or when used to describe Army Reservists means ‘Saturdays and Sundays’.
Scablifter Medic.
SCRAN Refers to food – “Sultanas, Currants, Raisins and Nuts” and “Sh-t Cooked by the Royal Australian Navy”.
Scran-bag Lost clothing bag. Also used metaphorically to describe a slovenly, disorganised or incompetent sailor: “I don’t want ‘X’ on my watch, he/she’s a complete scranbag.”
Seventy-Seven Set AN/PRC-77 manpack radio.
Sig Private in the Royal Australian Signals corps. Abbreviation for Signalman.
Skippy Badge Hat or beret badge insignia for the Royal Australian Regiment (Regular Army Infantry organisation) called Skippy for the kangaroo in the centre of it.
Slouchie or
Slouch Hat
Unique form of wide brimmed khaki/light brown coloured fur-felt hat worn by Australian Soldiers with the left brim turned up for ceremonial occasions. A KFF
S.L.U.G. Slow, lethargic, uncoordinated. Often used for those who are physically challenged or endemically hopeless.
Snake Used to refer to Sergeants.
Snake Pit Used to refer to the Sergeants Mess. Also shortened to “the pit”.
Space Cadet Staff Cadet (Officer in training) with rank abbreviated as SCDT.
Spanner Member of the corps of Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RAEME).
Sparky Electrician or electronics tech of the RAEME.
Spook RAAF Intelligence Officers.
Subbie Officer of subaltern rank, i.e. Army Lieutenants, Air Force Pilot/Flying Officers, and Navy Sub-Lieutenants.
S.W.A.T Reserves. Abbreviation for Some Weekends And Tuesdays
Tail-end Charlie Soldier who is bring-up or protecting the rear of a platoon, or formation.
Tailor mades Mass-produced, purchased cigarettes as opposed to rolling your own (‘rollies’).
Tanker/Tanky Member of the Armoured Corps.
Target Naval surface vessel according to submariners and aircrew.
Tea and Sticky Buns One-way conversation during which a wayward member (usually an officer) is reminded of his or her short comings by a senior commander.
TIC Troops In Contact
Tillie M548A1 Tracked Load carrier – member of the M113 family used for cargo / resupply duties.
TOC Canteen services at the Australian Defence Force Academy
Tooth Fairy Member of the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps.
Tubbin Thumb Up Bum Brain In Neutral.
Trash haulers Transport aircrew. Often shortened to ‘trashies’.
Trucky Soldiers of The Royal Australian Corps Of Transport.
Turps Any form of alcoholic beverage drank to excess.
Turret-head Member of the Armoured Corps.
Two-dads Someone with a hyphenated surname (ie. John Smith-Jones)
Two-way rifle range Battlefield.
Up there Cazaly battle cry used by infantrymen in North Africa in WWII. Cazaly was an Australian rules football player famous for his high marks and ruck work which caused fans to yell “Up there Cazaly”.
UXO Unexploded Ordinance. This either has not been fired, or failed to detonate or explode when it was fired.
Webbing A system of pouches worn by a soldier as his or her basic belt kit carrying water, ammunition and sometimes food.
WOMBAT Waste Of Military Budget And Time
Wombat gun M79 grenade launcher. More common now is the GLA (Grenade Launcher Attachment) for the in service F88 AUSTEYR.
Yowie suit Heavily camouflaged garments worn by snipers, resembling a mythical creature of the bush. Australian term for a Ghillie suit.
Zoom bag Flying suit.

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