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Military Slang

Members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) use many unique slang terms. The ADF is made up of the Australian Army, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

We have excluded the more interesting and colourful of the military slang because we’re a family-friendly website visited by children all over the world. We hope you understand and enjoy the slang we do share with you here.

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Dargon Senior Non-Commissioned Officer or Warrant Officer in the Army.
Digger Soldier in the Australian Army, for example Look after your diggers, Lieutenant. Term comes from the Anzacs.
Dirt Dart Soldier undertaking Army parachuting.
Dixies Small aluminium cooking and eating pans used by individuals in the bush.
Dixie-bashing Washing up.
Door kicker Member of the SAS who is trained in gaining entry by force.
DPCU Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform. See ‘Cams’.
Drabs Air Force Tropical Dress which replaces Service Dress (see Blues) in tropical areas
Drop shorts Artillery soldier
Eating irons Cutlery (mainly known in the army as KFS – knife, fork and spoon).
Elephant gun L1A1 SLR Self Loading Rifle (not used while the SLR was the main rifle).
Emu Bob or
Emu Parade
line of soldiers walking almost shoulder to shoulder, bobbing up and down picking up litter
EX Shorthand for an “Exercise” or training mission/deployment.
Face ripping One-way discussion, usually between a soldier and a subordinate, where the “face ripper” gets so close that subordinate can see the pores on his forehead. This usually occurs on the drill square or in the CSM’s office.
Fang Farrier Army dentist.
Farter Bed or sleeping bag. Normally refers to going to bed. For example “Hit the Farter”.
Fatcans or Fat shop Australian Defence Force Canteens. For example “I’m going to get some food from Fatcans”.
Fat pills Chocolate and lollies (sweets/candy).
Fish head Maritime patrol aircrew.
Fitter and turner Army cook. It means “to fit good food into a pot and turn it into sh-t”.
Flight Lewie Nickname for Flight Lieutenant, Air Force Junior Officer rank.
Flogg Off Spoken abbreviation for Flying Officer (FLGOFF), Air Force Junior Officer rank.
 F.R.E.D Small device which is a combination of a can opener, a bottle opener and a spoon. Officially named a “Field Ration Eating Device”, but more popularly known as a “F–king Ridiculous/Retarded Eating Device”. In the Air Force this acronym can also denote a ‘F–king Ridiculous Electronic Device’.
Free Balling /
Free Snaking
Going without underwear. Often done in the field for hygiene and comfort reasons. Known also as “going commando”.
Fruit salad Medal ribbons.
Full-track Used in place of the rank Corporal.
Gammas Go get some sunlight on the upper decks.
Gaz Used to describe someone of unparalleled skill. Also used to describe SAS troops.
Gedunk Machine Soft drink / candy bar dispensing machine.
Ginger Beers Member of the Royal Australian Engineers Corps or RAAF flight engineers.
Go fast Unit or other baseball cap worn by RAAF members
God Botherer Padre or anybody remotely religious. (sometimes called “sky pilots”).
Goffer / Goffa Soft drink. Slang thought to come from name of the drink manufacturer Goffe & Sons
Goffa Used by Royal Australian Navy to describe a salute
Gomper / Gumpy Bar Chocolate bar like a Mars bar or Picnic. “Have a goffer and a gomper mate.”
Gong(s) Medal(s).
Gonk To sleep. Also Gonking, the act of having a sleep.
Grunt(s) Acronym meaning the same in Australia as it does everywhere else, a negative name for an infantry soldier. Often adopted with pride by the Grunts themselves. (Government Reject Unfit for Normal Training)
Gucci Piece of kit that is really good or expensive.
Gun Bunny Artillery soldier, for example Bloody Gun Bunnies can’t do anything right.
Gunny/Gunnie Air Force term for an armaments fitter. No relation to the US Marine Corps rank of Gunnery Sergeant.
Gun Plumber Fitter/armourer, usually those attached to artillery units.

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