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Want to see a Yank blush? Ask them to “nurse” your baby. It’s another of those words that have a completely different meaning in different countries.

To an Aussie, you’re asking them to hold your baby, but to an American, they think you want them to breast feed the baby. And yes, this did happen to an American visiting a new mum in the hospital. She was quite flustered and we didn’t know why until she finally told us. Could have been worse. We could have asked her husband first.

Happy Little Vegemite Australian child
Ankle Biter young child
Kiddiwink young child
Rug Rat baby
Littlie small child, toddler
Carpet Grubs young children, especially babies
Sprogs offspring, children
Little Buggers children
Billy Lid kid (rhyming slang)
Tin Lid kid (rhyming slang)
Up the Duff pregnant
Preggers pregnant
Nurse the Baby hold the baby. In the USA it means to breast feed the baby.
A Lie Down a short rest or nap
Dummy baby pacifier
Bunny Rug baby blanket
Nappies baby diapers
Capsul baby car seat
Cot crib, bassinet
Carry Cot portable bassinet
Pram baby stroller (short for perambulator)
Pusher baby stroller
Push-bike bicycle
Treadly bicycle
Billy Cart go-kart made by children
Floaties water wings for swimming

We’re getting used to our American friend Sara looking lost. She was listening to some mums talking about babies when we noticed that look again.

It seems Sara was having trouble with the word capsule. The only thing she could think of was space capsule or a cold capsule and she couldn’t imagine putting a baby into either one!

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