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Australian Slang About Home

They say home is where the heart is, but for the majority of Australians, it also means living in the suburbs of large cities or towns within 50 kilometres of the coast. Like other countries, we have a variety of styles. Older houses such as Victorians, Queen Ann and filigree styles have their own charm. The Queenslander style houses are very popular in warmer climate locations. No matter the outside influence, our modern housing is distinctly Australian.

Our new homes are getting bigger. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the typical size of a new Australian home is now 215 square metres. Compare that to typical new homes in the US at 202 square metres, Denmark at 137 square metres and Britain at 76 square metres. The largest new homes in Australia are in Sydney at over 260 square metres.

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Rates local taxes
Hectare 10,000 sq metres (about 2 ½ acres)
Flat, Unit apartment
Bedsit studio apartment (no separate bedroom)
Block of Flats apartment building
Battle Axe Block block of land where the house does not have street frontage, but uses a long narrow driveway between his neighbours to access his property
High-set traditional Queenslander house built above the ground on stumps.
Queenslander Queenslanders are built above ground on stumps made originally of wood. The underfloor area is used to cool the house through ventilation. The space beneath the house is often high enough that part of it is sometimes enclosed later as an extra living area.
Grannie Flat dwelling for elderly relatives attached. May be attached to the house or located separately in the backyard.
Ensuite bathroom (toilet, bath tub/shower and sink) attached to the main bedroom
Kitchen Bench kitchen counter
Tap faucet
Gurgler drain
Laundry Trough laundry tub
Clothes Hoist clothes line
Clothes Pegs clothes pins
Hills Hoist Australian invention. Clothesline which rotates and can fold upon itself when not in use, similar to a very large umbrella. Found in most Aussie homes.
Lino linoleum
Besser Block concrete block used in buildings
Fibro made of compressed asbestos and cement. Many old homes are fibros.

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