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There are two major schemes used around the world to number the floors in a building. In Australia and Britain the floor at the same level as the ground outside, is called the “ground floor”. The floor above it is called “1st floor”. In the USA, it would be called “2nd floor”. That means the 3rd floor in Australia would be called the 4th floor in the US.

To make thing even more confusing, in all English-speaking countries, the total number of floors are counted the same. So Aussies and Americans would both say

a building has 7 floors, yet the top floor would be called the 6th floor by Aussies and the 7th floor in the US.

If you’re visiting us, keep this in mind. You could be waiting on the wrong floor to meet your friend otherwise.

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White Goods large electrical appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, etc.
Manchester household linens
Doona bed comforter or quilt with a detachable cover. It’s used instead of a blanket.
Dutch Wife mattress
Lounge sofa, couch
Lounge Room living room
Dunny toilet
Loo toilet
Thunder Box toilet
Toot toilet
Ground Floor first floor. Example … 3rd floor (Au) = 4th floor (US)
Lift elevator
Secateurs garden shears
Barrow wheelbarrow
Bottlebrush native Australian plants whose flowers resemble a round brush and come in a variety of colours.

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Post Code zip code in USA
Letterbox mailbox
Post a Letter mail a letter
Blower telephone
Mobile cell phone
Telly television
Light Globe light bulb
Hottie hot water bottle
Cut-out Box fuse box
Rubbish garbage
Kitchen Tidy trash can
Rubbish Bin
garbage can
Footpath sidewalk
Lane alley

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