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We certainly love our lollies. That’s candy to you Yanks. It’s a rare child in Australia who hasn’t eaten Freddo Frogs. They’re an Aussie invention first made around 1930 by the MacRobertson company. Priced at one penny each for the plain chocolate frogs and two pennies for the cream-filled version. They weighed almost twice as much as they do today. With about 40 different types and flavours sold over the years, over 90 million Freddos are eaten every year in Australia. Ribbit, ribbit!

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Maccas McDonald’s (pronounced mackers)
Reef ‘n Beef surf ‘n turf (US). Dinner combination of meat and seafood.
Chow Tucker Chinese food
Take Away Food food taken home to eat (take out food in USA)
Underground Mutton rabbit
Chook chicken
Goog an egg
Rock melon cantaloupe
Sweets dessert after dinner, also another word for lollies
Chockie chocolate
Fairy Floss cotton candy
Lollies candy
Chewie chewing gum
Ice Block popsicle
Food Related
Chunder to throw up, vomit, also the substance that’s vomited
Trolley supermarket cart, luggage cart
Bill (in restaurant) meal purchase amount. In the USA you would ask for the “check”.
Barbie or BBQ barbecue cooking outdoors
Billy metal container used for boiling tea or water
Camp Oven cast iron container with a lid used for campfire cooking. Hot coals are placed around and over it.
Esky portable cooler to carry drinks and food
Serviette table napkin
Tuckerbag bag or box for storing food, also tuckerbox. Today people would use the term “esky” instead.

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Cherry Ripes are another lollie invented by an Aussie. It was created in 1924 by Leslie Atkinson, nephew of the founder of the MacRobertson company who marketed it.

A delightful combo of cherries, coconut and dark chocolate has made it another popular treat for young and old alike.

Fair dinkum, we never met a chocolate we didn’t like, but we’re still taste testing to make sure.

Did you know that in 2010, an estimated 1.7 million Australians visit McDonald’s each day.

You can get your fast food fix in over 800 McDonalds, over 500 Kentucky Fried Chicken stores and over 300 Hungry Jack’s (Burger King). Yes, Australia has been invaded by the overseas fast-food chains.

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