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Australia’s fishing industry is ranked fourth most valuable food-based primary industry in 2003-04, producing about 270,000 tonnes of seafood, worth about $2.2 billion. If you get a chance to try some of our seafood, give our Bugs a try. Balmain Bugs (Ibacus peronii) are closely related to rock lobsters. It’s often confused with the other Aussie bug, the Moreton Bay Bugs (Thenus orientalis) which looks very similar to the untrained eye. Both types of bugs have a delightful flavour and we recommend you try it if you’re visiting Australia. Then you can say you ate bugs in Australia.

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Fish and Chips deep-fried fish in batter and deep-fried potatoes, a popular take-away food traditionally served wrapped in white paper (previously un-hygienic newspaper was used).
Flake shark fillets
Balmain Bug crayfish found in Sydney harbour, with a mild-flavoured white flesh. Usually barbecued, grilled or boiled.
Morton Bay Bug crayfish from Queensland
Muddy, Muddie large mud crab considered a delicacy found in QLD and NSW
Mudbugs crayfish
Prawns large shrimp. To buy, they’re called prawns if cooked and green prawns when raw. Aussies love their prawns and eat heaping platefuls. Yanks be warned, they’re cooked and served in the shell with the head still attached.
Rock Oysters Popular edible oysters. Eaten straight from the shell, grilled or poached.
Bacon Rashers slices of bacon
Cheerios red-coloured cocktail sausages
Snag sausage (banger in UK)
Bangers sausages
Bangers and Mash sausages and mashed potato
Toad-in-the-Hole sausages or other meat baked in batter
Bubble and Squeak leftover vegetables and meat fried together
Sausage Roll meat surrounded by pastry and baked. Log shaped, held in your hands for eating. Sold everywhere including sporting and other events.
Rissole small fried ball, roll or cake of minced meat or fish
Floater a meat pie in a plate of soupy peas or gravy
Meat Pie Single portion mince meat pies. Small and sturdy enough to be held in your hands for eating. Sold everywhere including sporting and other events.

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