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Australian Slang About Beer

The famed Captain Cook believed that beer maintained the health of seamen. When he sailed from England on 26 August 1768 in the Endeavour, Cook took with him four tonnes of beer. They must have been a healthy and very thirsty crew because almost all the beer was gone a month later.

If beer is your favourite, try our page of links to Australian Beer websites. If you have a bit of song in you, have a look at the always popular Australian song Pub with No Beer by Slim Dusty.

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Ginger Beer mildly alcoholic drink made from fermenting a mixture of ginger and syrup
Black and Tan drink made with beer and stout
VB Victoria Bitter, a brand of beer
A Green One Victoria Bitter, a brand of beer
XXXX famous Queensland brand of beer, pronounced “4x” NOT “x x x x”.
Amber Fluid beer
Brownie bottle of beer
Slab carton of 24 cans (tinnies) or stubbies of beer
Throw Down small bottle of beer that you can throw down (drink) quickly
Tinny can of beer (or an aluminium boat)
Schooie, Schooey a schooner of beer. Not to be confused with schoolie which is a holidaying school student after completing final year exams.
Darwin Stubby famous Northern Territory bottle of beer (1.25 litre)
Longneck bottle of beer in South Australia (750 ml.)
Middy medium sized glass of beer (about 266ml or 9 oz., varies depending on state)
Pot medium sized bottle of beer in Victoria and Queensland (about 285ml, varies depending on state)
Schooner large glass of beer (about 443ml or 15 oz., varies depending on state)
Stubby small short-necked bottle of beer (about 375ml or 12 oz., varies depending on state)
Tallie very large bottle of beer (about 750ml or 24 oz.)

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