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Australian Slang About Drinks – Part 2 : Alcoholic Drinks

Australia has a history of liking alcohol a bit too much. Records from 1861 in Queensland tell us there was one pub for approximately every 39 people. (The population was mostly male). Alcohol sales were an extremely profitable business especially with popular drinks like Smokey Rum, White Lightning and Tarantula Juice.

Smokey Rum was a particularly nasty drink that left the men acting like dangerous lunatics, yelling, screaming and kicking the life out of the next bloke who was probably doing the same thing along with a hundred others in the pub. Seeing the horrendous scene, the police were generally helpless do stop it.

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Bundy Bundaberg Rum
Champers champagne
Black Velvet drink made of champagne and stout
Goom drink of methylated spirits drunk by vagrants
Grog alcohol
Plonk cheap wine, also plonked means drunk
Turps slang for strong alcohol liquor, also short for turpentine
Alcohol Related
BYO ‘Bring Your Own’ drink. If you’re invited to a party and asked BYO drink, you need to bring a drink. If you are drinking alcohol, you need to bring an alcoholic drink. However, if you’re drinking a soft drink or juice, you can bring that instead. BYO restaurants … means if you want it, you need to bring your own alcohol (beer, wine, etc.), but not soft drinks.
Corkage Fee charged by some restaurants if you BYO. Corkage is charged even if you open and pour your own drink. Fees vary greatly so ask about corkage when making a reservation.
Shout buy a drink at a pub for everyone in your group, and someone else should do the next shout
Skull drink your drink in one go
Pub place for buying and drinking alcohol
Bottle Shop store where you buy alcoholic beverages
Waterhole a pub or hotel
Down the Boozers at the pub
Spiffed drunk, intoxicated. Not to be confused with spiffs which are incentives given to sales people.
Chockers drunk
Drink Driving driving while intoxicated. In USA called drunk driving and DUI (driving under the influence)
Booze Bus police van used for random breath testing for alcohol
RBT Random Breath Test, roadside testing for alcohol

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Smokey Rum was a combination of rum and colonial tobacco fermented together. It was so strong that it was risky to even inhale the brew.

Tarantula Juice, on the other hand, brought you to a near death experience, driving some insane.


While alcohol helped build Australia in the beginning, it’s also responsible for the early deaths of far too many hard working men and women. Today we understand the serious risks involved in our choices.

If you have a bit of song in you, have a look at the always popular Australian song Pub with No Beer by Slim Dusty.

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