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Aussies dress much the same as most people do, we just have different names for things. Unless you’re going skiing, you won’t need a heavy coat if you’re used to cold weather. Compared to most places in the USA, our winters are very mild. On the other hand, our summers can be hazardous because of our problem with the ozone layer.

Our American friend Sara decided to spend the afternoon in the pool. She was warned to stay in the shady part of the

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Clobber clothing
Best Bib and Tucker your best clothes
Rug Up put on clothes to keep warm
Grundies underwear, rhyming word (undies)
Knickers female underwear
Over-The-Shoulder Boulder-Holder bra
Underdacks male underpants, jocks or briefs
Under-chunders underpants
Iron Underpants girdles, figure controlling underwear
Pyjamas clothing to sleep in. In the USA, pronounced the same but spelled differently … pajamas or pj’s.
Singlet sleeveless cotton undershirt often worn with stubbies
Boiled Shirt dress shirt with a starched front

pool under the sail cloth. She said don’t worry because she once lived in Arizona and didn’t have a problem with the sun. A few hours later Sara took on the colour of a very red lobster.

Not wanting to let us know she had a problem, she asked another Aussie friend what she could put on the burn. They told her to apply cold tea. She did, but it didn’t help. Then another Aussie friend said to put on yogurt. Yes, yogurt. It felt good when it went on, but then it dried in cracked lumps. Now the pain was worse.

Sara tried to take a shower to get it off. Unfortunately it was baked on and had to be scrubbed off. By the time she got done, the pain was almost unbearable. So David ran to the chemist and told them she needed something quick.

The chemist asked if Sara was a good friend. David asked why. The chemist said if she is a friend, use this spray otherwise use the cream which has to be rubbed on. As we’ve said before, Aussies have a great sense of humour.

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