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Say “balaclava” 5 times in a row fast. Not hard to say, but I bet your jaw got quite a workout. Seriously, the balaclava has gotten a bad name unfortunately because crooks and now terrorists insist on wearing it.

The origin of the balaclava goes back to the 1850’s in the Crimean War when the knitted head coverings were sent to the British troops to help protect them from the very harsh cold weather. The head covering was named after the town of

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Brolly umbrella
Akubra famous Australian-made hat
Slouch Hat famous hat worn by the Australian Army. Symbol of courage and pride to Aussies everywhere
Balaclava tight woollen knitted covering for the entire head and neck with holes left for the eyes and mouth. Often used by robbers to hide their identity. (Ski mask in the USA) See our blog for more info
Runners tennis shoes, sneakers
Sandshoes joggers, sneakers, trainers
Thongs rubber sandals
Ugg a generic Australian name for a fleece-lined boot with an untanned sheepskin upper. Ugg is short for ugly boot. Made in Australia for over 50 years.
Wellies Wellington boots, gumboots. Knee-high boots worn to keep your feet dry.
Gumboots knee-high waterproof boots made of rubber
Sunnies sunglasses
Dillybag bag for carrying things
Lippy lipstick
Tats tattoo
Fanny female’s private part (Fanny in the USA is a seldom used word for a woman’s bottom. Yanks, when visiting us, make sure you remember the difference.)
Nick nude, especially sleeping
Nuddy naked
Bollocky naked
Starkers naked. Can also mean crazy, mad, insane
Press Studs snaps
Hair Pins bobby pins
Reel of Cotton spool of thread

Balaklava in Crimea. Although it was originally knitted of wool, today it’s made from a variety of materials such as cotton, fleece, silk, and even polypropylene.

In case you were wondering, yes, there is also a town in Australia called Balaclava. Actually there’s three: one in Victoria and one in New South Wales.

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